About Our Company

Gunnar and Jake’s Gourmet Foods, LLC. is dedicated to providing the Highest Quality All Natural Gourmet & Specialty Foods with the Best Tasting Pickled products on the market right now using no sugar & cutting the salt.  We offer a wide selection of Gourmet  Pickled Foods and other Specialty Items never seen on the market before.  Some of our Gourmet Foods include: Gourmet Salsa, Gourmet Marinara Sauce, and Gourmet Specialty Soups.  Our World Famous Pickled Products include:  Gourmet Stuffed Jalapenos, Gourmet Dill Pickles (that bring you back to your childhood), Gourmet Dilly Green Beans, Gourmet Pickled Hungarian Peppers, Gourmet Pickled Okra, Gourmet Pickled Asparagus,  and many more Gourmet Specailty Items.  At Gunnar and Jake’s,  Quality is the Top Priority and it can be tasted in each and every one of our products.  Please join us at one of our farmers markets or in a Whole Foods near you soon.

The Youngest CEOs In History!

2 youngest CEO's in History Xmas 2010